• White Water Rafting Serre-Chevalier


Rafting is a white water team sport. Supervised by a guide, it consists of going down the river with the help of an inflatable boat which usually seats up to 8 passengers. Rafting is a completely natural recreational activity, so in addition to discovering the countryside in the quieter moments, you will have an abundance of feelings when going through the swirls and the rapids.

At the start of each run, the guide will place the team in the raft and will explain paddle handling, as well as the safety manoeuvres and measures.

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  • White water Rafting Briançon
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  • white water Rafting sport

Our Rafting programmes

Rafting for Kids

### Serre-Chevalier

With our friendly and professionally trained instructors, children can try rafting for the first time on the easiest part of the river Guisane.

  • 24 € per person
  • [ for children 7 and over ]
  • A 2 hour rotation :
    Guibertes / Villeneuve.
  • 5 km. 45mn. cl II.

Rafting Discovery

Kids Rafting Downhile Serre-Chevalier

A great occasion to share with all the family or with friends. You can enjoy this easy run together on the river whilst admiring the breath-taking scenery.

  • 34 € per person
  • 28 € ( as a family discount price for 3 people or more )
  • [ For the whole family, from age six and over ]
  • A 2 hour rotation :
    Le Casset / Villeneuve.
  • 7 km. 45mn. cl III.

Sport Rafting

raft sport Serre-Chevalier

Accessible to all fit people, whether a beginner or not.
This is an exhilarating and adrenalin fuelled run of the river Guisane.

  • 39 € per peron
  • The standard course
  • [ Come with your friends, for teenagers aged 14 and over ]
  • A half-day rotation : Monétier les Bains / St Chaffrey. 10 km. 1h30. cl III

Entire Raft Run

Entire raft run of Serre-Chevalier

Take on the entire Serre Chevalier Valley for a 17km upper and lower river action-packed adventure. Enjoy and take in all the scenery and rapids up to grade IV.

  • 59 € per person
  • A beautiful course
  • [ for adults, aged 16 and over ]
  • A Half-day rotation : Le Casset / Briançon.
  • 18 km. 2h30. cl IV.

Extra Sporty Rafting XL

Raft Sport XL - Rafting Serre Chevalier of Rafting-Expérience®

  • 49 € per person
  • Sporty and punchy [ Adults aged 16 and over ]
  • Half-day rotation : Villeneuve/ Briançon.
  • 10 km. 1h30. cl IV.

Everybody shoud be in good physical shape and able to swim.

- We provide a neoprene wetsuit, K-Way, neoprene shoes, helmet and lifejacket.
- You will need a swimsuit, a towel and a smile!
- Rates per person