A Rafting Season starting at Serre-Chevalier with quite a few innovations

Rafting season at Serre Chevalier

A Rafting Season starting at Serre-Chevalier with quite a few innovations

After a magic winter with heavy snowfall on the ski slopes and a rather rainy spring, the summer season takes over with sun, heat and dynamism. The water level is just perfect, the river banks are beautifully flowered and green, and should remain that way for the rest of the season.

A « Punchy » Kind of Team | #Rafting Guide

In fact, this year the staff includes 15 really enthusiastic and dedicated people who are waiting to take you for a ride on the river : 10 qualified instructors, a secretary, a community manager and 2 bus drivers ( licensed to drive 9, 15 or 55 people ). They will be happy to welcome you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and will make sure that you will never forget the thrill and fun of this adventure. But of course our friendly relationship is compatible with a 100% professionalism and a requirement of high quality supervision for your total safetyYou can meet us at our base of the Pontillas Lake, every day from 9 am til 18 pm and from now on in our new office located at Pré Long, on saturdays from 15 pm until 19 pm, and from sunday until thursday from 10am until 12 am and from 15pm until 19 pm.

Serre-Chevalier, Springtime has been very busy at the white water base

The first event ,"the kids kayak session", took place in june and allowed the children to develop ease and comfort on a boat through various games and exercises on the Pontillas Lake.

In second place, the children aged 3 to 11 living in the valley have had the opportunity to discover new sports. First through a project developed by both the school of La Salle Les Alpes and the Mountain guides Bureau in Serre Chevalier, in a partnership with Rafting Experience, Serre Che VTT, "Kart et Jeux" and "Planet Pedro". It took place on June 24th 2018 and was called "Raid2Mômes". During this entire day the weather was bright and sunny. Since each partner offered a different activity, many sports such as climbing, slackline, mountain bike, hiking, karting and a fun course on the lake were available. According to people 's positive comments on that day but mostly according to the smiles on the children' s faces, that day has been a real success !

On June 16th, at the Parc des Colombiers in Chantemerle, the "Fest’eaux vives" rally has been open to adults only, to practise white waters activities such as kayak, rafting, and this year we also added air-boat and mountain bike. Amateur as well as professional courses were organized (supervised by our qualified instructors).This year we feel very proud to say that two of our instructors ended up on the podium : Cyrille 2nd in rafting and Vincent 3rd in kayak.

A choice of White Water activities for everybody

Children and adults will find what they need since our river sports panel includes all levels. Special runs for children aged 7 to 10, discovery runs for groups ( 3 to 7 km on the river) that you can enjoy with your family or friends, and various runs for advanced level (5 to 10 km). All these runs are accessible to any dynamic person, whether beginner or advanced, and the integral rafting runs of Serre Chevalier Valley ( sport XL) only apply to people who are looking for a higher level experience.

This summer, Rafting Expérience offers various sessions such as rafting, hydrospeed, cano- raft or single air-boat, and also your first time in a duo-kayak! this is quite recent, we started in 2017 for children and adults as well. During a private session, you stream down the river with a qualified instructor in a two-seat kayak, the slide and thrill are guaranteed.

All activities can also apply to disabled persons. Our instructors are specially trained, our boats comply with all specific requirements. The session will be private, the disabled person will be supervised by one or two instructors, and can be accompanied by whoever she wants as a free guest. Usually the price is per session, but we also propose kayak sessions on the river ( 3 to 7 people) starting with a discovery on the lake then a run on the river, with a global 3 session price, or a global 5 session price. You may also choose a half-day private session (1 or 2 people).

If you feel like spending even more time than that on the river, we suggest three different " cocktails" to be selected from our menu:
- the EVOLUTION, with a discovery run and a more sporty run
( the choice is yours)- the DISCOVERIES with three discovery runs ( the choice is yours)
- the SPORTY with three different sporty runs ( your choice)

What about the more sensitive ?

Don't worry ! When you get to the base, you will be fully equipped with a neopren outfit, neopren shoes, helmet, k-way, life jacket. Not only do we want to make you happy, but we also intend to take real good care of you !

A Raft equipment perfectly suited and constantly renewed

In the past two years, 2017/2018, Rafting Experience has invested in 12 new premium complete equipments as well as in a Jackson duo ( double river kayak), 3 NRS rafts ( easy to manage, lightweight, comfortable... A revolution in rafting! )...

Good vibrations in our Pontillas Leisure base

Ever since last year, the Serre Chevalier Mountain Guides Bureau, the city swimming pool, the leisure Park - Planète Pedro, the "Chalet du lac", Serre Chevalier Equitation, Serre Che VTT, Segway, Axesse Parapente ( paragliding), the Mini golf, the Trampolines, the "Baignade Bio", Serre Che adventure, "Kart et Jeux", the Paint Ball and ourselves, we together created a socio-professional federation in order to publish a detailed cartographie of all our activities. it is available in the Tourism Offices in the Serre Chevalier Briançon area as well as in many stores. It will give you the location for each sport activity.

As we are a partner of the Serre chevalier Tourism Office, you are eligible for a "Pass Partout" card. It will entitle you to lower prices for our activities. ( the card is free, you may credit or pay for units in the Tourism Offices and so we just debit your units according to the activity. There is no money transaction on the site). For more information, come and visit us, or please feel free to call us : 04 92 24 79 00

And now, ready for a ride?

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