Blog Post, Already 14 years, and still as enthusiastic as ever !!!

Already 14 years, and still as enthusiastic as ever!!

Our passion for white water sports takes us back to 2001 when Vincent and I created our leisure centre.

The strength of our company is its team. Numbering ten (monitors, drivers, secretaries), we have worked together for over ten years.
We regularly invest in training (first aid procedures, retraining, and safety).
Each year we take on one or two trainees whom are working towards obtaining their diplomas in monitoring.
Located on the edge of the Pontillas Lake situated between the new bio swimming pool “biotope” and the municipal pool, we have thought out and orientated our structure as a global service with different dimensions: human, safety, hygiene, equipment, staff and available time.
From the village of Casset to Briancon, Lake Pontillas is a central point for white water rafting Serre Chevalier ; it is the departure and arrival point of our rafting trips, air-boat…..

From their departure for the runs on the river, our customers benefit from an educational area for learning about the activities in total safety.
Arrivals for families coming down are made at the lake in a special section fitted out for children (no main roads close by).
In recent years, thanks to this excellent location, we have been able to develop a way of functioning which allows us to propose quality services.Every year we invest in new equipment to maintain a high level of quality and safety. All our monitors are equipped with first aid kits and mobile phones whilst on the water.For the holiday period the Company of Serre Chevalier Valley loans us a semi-automatic defibrillator for the summer.
This year we have also invested in a 17-seat coach which meets all the latest safety standards (such as passenger seat belts). We work in conjunction with RESALP coaches for our greater needs.
All these actions allow us to meet safety and environmental requirements.

For the commercialisation of our activities, it is important for us to develop customer loyalty, which is why for three years now we are fully involved in the PASS PARTOUT (UNIVERSAL PASS) initiative from the Tourist Office of Serre Chevalier.
We take care to ensure that our services are offered at affordable rates. White water activities should remain a popular sport, accessible to all.

Our most loyal partners include the Town Council of Salle-Les-Alpes, the Club Mediterranée, la FUAJ, Georges Pompidou School, the Guides Office de Serre Chevalier, all of whom believe in our future.

Our vision for the future is to sustain our approach to quality, hygiene, safety and loyalty.

Matthieu Durand

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