A new kayak school on the Guisane river at Serre Chevalier, Briançon

Kayak Serre Chevalier

learning river kayak is now open to eveybody in the serre Chevalier

A new project is being carried out- RAFTING EXPERIENCE opens a kayak school in the Serre Chevalier Valley. To this day, it is the only one in the entire Briançonnais area.
Thanks to the water sports base, learning river kayak is now open to eveybody in the Serre Chevalier valley and Briançonnais area. From now on, your children and yourself will be able to discover the Guisane river, the Durance river, the Clarée river, the Guil river and the Ubaye river during kayak sessions coached by professional river guides (BEES ou DEJEPS state diplomas) ...

A Kayak School for children and adults

The exceptional environment around the wild rivers of the Hautes-Alpes area allows us to implement sessions for children as well as for adults, whether beginners or advanced. Starting in the spring, our school offers an initiation program intended to the children living nearby in the valley as well as a beginners program for adults.
During the summer the sessions will distribute in level groups. Furthermore, but only intended to the most advanced, Rafting Expérience offers a rental service of the complete equipment and even of the boats (kayaks, life jackets, helmets, paddles, k-ways, etc.).

Succeed in this project

To succeed in this project, RAFTING EXPERIENCE invested 20.000€ to buy 12 top of the line river kayak equipments.
For adults : Pyranha Machno, Burn III, Creek Liquidlogic, Ace of Spades, Waka Tutea River Kayak
For children: Liquidlogic Remix 47, Dagger Mamba MX 7.5, Pyranha Rebel Kayak
For a smooth first time or to practise the two-seater kayak: Jackson Dynamic two-seater Kayak

Various formulas and prices

Local children sessions: an 8 session program, each session lasting 3h30 on saturday morning or afternoon - from May 20th til July 8th (for children aged 7 and over who know how to swim) : 224€ for a total of 8 sessions.Beginners or advanced sessions: from 1 to 5 sessions, half-day or full-day, distributed in various level groups of 3 to 7 people. Price : 85€ (half-day) and 650€ (for the 5 full-day sessions).

*We provide the equipment ( top of the line river kayak, Werner/Swat paddles, life jacket and harness, WRSI helmet, Frog K-Way, Frog skirt, rope, knife, neoprene long-john et neoprene boots).

RAFTING EXPERIENCE kayak School - Lac du Pontillas 05240 Villeneuve La Salle – Tel : +33 4 92 24 79 00 – E-mail : md@rafting-experience.com - Web : Kayak School Briancon SerreChevalier.

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