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Everybody knows Martine or has heard about her.She was such a curious and lively person ! Many of us grew up reading her stories, and so, as she was discovering new environments, we did too...! Always ready to dash into various activities as Rafting in Serre Chevalier , she used to lead us towards new horizons such as the farm, the beach, the local fair, the circus, or a camping site !Well, this summer, and within our team, we are proud to welcome our own Martine ! So come and take a ride with her on the river in the Serre Chevalier valley, and enjoy new experiences...


Above all, Martine is a real character, she is a little bit odd and funny if I may say so... She is a small, blond, enthusiastic and dynamic person who is going to take you to the very heart of all the white waters activities available in our structure.Although she grew up near the Guisane river, Martine never had a close experience of the river, except once in a while when watching the fishermen... But being an adventurous and determined person, she always keeps on the look out for new sensations and is now ready to meet the challenge in july and august.


Come and take a ride on the river with her to discover various water sports such as rafting, hydrospeed, cano-raft, air-boat, kayak ( duo or solo ). Whether beginner ( as she is) or advanced, our structure will meet all your expectations, and Martine is going to make sure of it. At the Pontillas Lake, you may just spend some time by yourself or enjoy a pleasant moment renting a kayak or a paddle.You may come alone or with your family or wth your friends, and Martine, dressed in a conspicuous outfit and together with qualified dynamic and fun instructors (men and women) will make sure that the time spent with us becomes an incredible and frenzied memory...

Please feel free to follow her on Facebook Martine Expériences, on the Rafting Experience twitter, on instagram to see pictures of Rafting Expérience Story at Briançon, in order to participate in this crazy adventure.Martine will introduce you to our team of instructors; you will also watch videos of crazy runs on the river ( in live or replay), and we will keep you informed on all our activities to come.


But Martine cannot live on paddles and clear water alone, and so she sometimes takes off her tutu and pool glasses and, from saturday til thursday, goes back to being a more quiet and subdued person.. The only thing that won't disappear is her smile ! Her real name then is Claire. She will welcome you with great pleasure in our new subsidiary office located at Pré Long, between the Tourism Office and the Serre Chevalier mountain guides Bureau. The office will open from 10 am til 12 am, and from 15 pm til 19 pm( except when a course is scheduled on the river ). Claire will be there to provide information, advise you and make your reservations, in addition to our main office located in our base at the Pontillas Lake.

The more the merrier ! And so we hope that many of you will come to follow her and support her through the numerous events of her new story...

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