Rafting Expérience®, Who we are! ?

It’s already fourteen years! Fourteen years since we met and shared our common passion for the river and people.

Big, small, grumpy or nice, people from all walks of life, whom either by chance or yearning found themselves here at the edge of the Pontillas Lake in Serre Chevalier to share their skills (river guides, secretary, drivers and photographers). Their common mission is to enable people to travel by rafting, hydrospeed or other inflatable means on the clear blue water of the river Guisane.

In continual training (first aid, retraining and safety measures) the team has found its stability in a meticulous conduct which is shown in welcoming and equipment hygiene but also and above all in the knowledge of the river and its instructive interests. A paradise for children, the lake is protected from excessive main road traffic, and the river is a great school for our little apprentice pirates !.

From sport or family runs, everyone can find their river with a paddle, and nobody is left out. You can just as easily spend a moment with the children, so they can kick up a shindy with making splashes with their gang of pals or just spend a time with your loved one, and all for an unbeatable price.

Safety is also well maintained during the trips with the backup we have from a professional (ResAlp) as all the runs are supervised by experienced guides with national qualifications - and it must be remembered that the equipment is renewed for being watertight at every check.

White water rafting must remain a sport, an activity, and a pleasure for the family and accessible to all with reasonable rates.

For this we use the Pass-Partout (Universal Pass) from the Tourist Office, an important partner for us, as are also our other important partners such as the Club Mediterranée, LA FUAJ, the Georges Pompidou College, and the Office of Guides Serre Chevalier.

So here’s to a good paddle, all the Rafting Experience® team hopes to see you soon !!

De Matthieu Durand

Our Team