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Hydrospeed or
swimming in white water

White water swimming is a sport for the sensations! Provided with a float, equipped with a fully strengthened wetsuit, you go down the river with fins.

The monitor gives you information about the handling of fins and the float, how to cast off in the current, to change direction and to stop.

Our different programmes


Swimming in white water is a sport for the sensations! This Discovery run is targeted at those of you whom want a gentle initiation and to understand the way it works.

  • Price : 32 €
  • 10 years old and over
  • Complete session 2 hours
  • 5 km run
  • About 1 hour on the water
  • Departure : village of Guibertes
  • Arrival : Villeneuve


A waterfall, some relatively technical passages, a great adventure accessible to all.

  • Price : 42 €
  • 14 years old and over
  • Complete session ½ day
  • 7 km run
  • Approximately 1½ hours on the water
  • Departure : Villeneuve
  • Arrival : St Chaffrey


You have already made several river trips with typical boats as hot-dog, kayak, hydrospeed or air-boat.Review the basics and wade in rapids up to class IV !!

  • Price : 62 €
  • 16 years old and over
  • Complete session ½ day
  • Approximately 2 hours on the water
  • course on request

- We provide a neoprene wetsuit, K-Way, neoprene shoes, helmet and lifejacket.
- You will need a swimsuit, a towel and a smile!
- Rates per person